Clients include:

  1. Academic Institutions

  2. Community-Based Organizations

  3. Farm Organizations

  4. Food Policy Councils

  5. Food Service Operations

  6. Foundations

  7. Government

  8. Hospitals and Health Care

  9. Local Food Businesses

  10. Non-profit Organizations

  11. Organic and Natural Foods Industry

  12. Producers and Specialty Markets

  13. Professional Associations

  14. Publishers

  15. Restaurants



A sustainable and resilient food system

conserves and renews natural resources,

advances social justice and animal welfare,

builds community wealth,

and fulfills the food and nutrition needs of all eaters, now and in the future.


--Harmon A & Tagtow A, 2008


Copyright 2009 Environmental Nutrition Solutions, Elkhart, Iowa

Will we be able to meet the food and nutritional needs of the next generation?