Healthy and Harmful Food. How to Distinguish It?

Nowadays, the availability of various foods is extremely high. You can buy almost everything. Naturally, those people who lead a healthy lifestyle are interested in what healthy food and harmful food is off-the- shelf, how to divide and distinguish it, how to form your daily diet and how to achieve an optimal balance in terms of nutrition for many years to come.

Today, many recommendations on healthy food for some reason are silent about the fact that many, supposedly useful products, are not really such. These are substitutes that are as similar as possible in appearance as well as in taste characteristics, but in terms of their actual properties they are quite different. For the formation of a truly healthy diet it is necessary to understand at least at the very initial level.

Of course, to a healthy food, first of all, natural food is included: products and ingredients for dishes of the most optimal type. This is a plant and animal food grown under natural conditions, without artificial stimulation and processing chemicals with additives. But in stores such food, which is positioned as natural, in fact, is not always such. Here are some examples:

Dairy products.Natural milk is very good for our health, but in stores it is not natural at all. There is a share of natural milk, but it is diluted with water, preservatives and flavor enhancers that it is very difficult to consider it healthy food. In this regard, it is much better to buy milk from individuals of the farms. The same applies to cheeses, cottage cheese, kefir and other dairy products. In the shops they sell substitutes and very rarely natural options;

Vegetable products.Such vegetables and fruit can be found everywhere. Most of them are grown in artificial conditions, in greenhouses and treated with special compounds and substances. This makes them more beautiful and tasty, but deprives of many useful properties, giving, on the contrary, harmful;

Meat products.Beef, pork, and chicken most often are offered as not very useful. Store-bought meat often does not withstand any periods of storage. It is defrosted and frozen several times, and then artificially brought into sales. Poultry meat, for example, is often chipped away by various chemicals, which are sometimes even felt to the taste.

Of course, tasty food is one of the sources of joy in life for many of us. The satisfaction of one of the basic human needs in food itself is a holiday for our brain and stomach.

Nature made sure that the process of eating food and the feeling of satiety that arises after it were extremely pleasant for us. We should strive for food with a great enthusiasm. This is extremely important for the survival of a person as a species.

The fact that people ate a hundred years ago is very different from what we eat now. By making food products more attractive to consumers, current marketers change the color, taste and smell of products, often without affecting their environment in a better way.

From all this, we conclude that if we buy such products, then only natural and in really proven places. Speaking about the rest of the range of food it should be admitted that most products really cannot be included in your diet.